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Iʼm not sure where I am in my faith journey. Will I fit in?

Be assured that our community is inclusive, happy to get to know you, and grateful for the privilege to build a relationship with you regardless of your faith foundation. Our goal is to meet you were you are, provide a welcoming environment of acceptance and an experience of bidirectional learning.

Iʼm not sure Iʼm an entrepreneur. 

You are an entrepreneur if any part of your economic wellbeing is self-directed; either full or part-time. Perhaps you operate, organize or manage in the marketplace, own a business, write books, serve in ministry, volunteer in a nonprofit, participant in a MLM, or want to do any or all of these! Our goal is to support you personally and your professional purpose regardless of your monetary method.

I havenʼt seen any value in joining networking groups in the past. How will Soul Sister Networking be different?

Time and money are resources that must be well invested to get any sort of ROI when it comes to networking groups. Part of the knowledge you gain from our community is how to do just that!

Wait! Whaaa? I donʼt want to join if I canʼt make money from it.

We saw a need for a different type of networking community. Soul Sister Networking’s in person Masterminds and online Webinars gives you the knowledge and skills to grow your business and increase revenue outside of the group. Instead of recruiting you, your sisters will root for you. Instead of getting you to buy something, we want to get to know you.

Does that mean I canʼt buy something or refer someone as a part of Soul Sister Networking?

No, not at all. It simply means thatʼs not how we market our brand because itʼs not the reason we exist. Itʼs not the focus of our time together. And most importantly it shifts the motivation for connecting to one another from profit to personal. As we like to say, “quid pro quo is just not our flow!”

I am already a member of other networking groups and frankly I donʼt have the money or the energy to join another.

Understood. If those associations are everything you want and need, then we have no value to add at this time. If anything changes, you are welcome to check us out!

Iʼm not looking to be converted. Will there be pressure to do that?

No and oh No no no. While Soul Sister Networking is biblically based, our community is intentionally inclusive not for any other purpose than to love one another. We believe itʼs our ultimate purpose to love each other as Christ loved us even before we accepted Him.

What does it mean to be a purpose driven entrepreneur?

The critical consideration for a purpose driven entrepreneur is the needs of the world. (Matt 6K33, John 15K5). The purpose of Soul Sister Networking is to execute Godʼs plan. Simply put, Our Grind for His Glory.

In other networking groups participation is limited by industry — only one real estate agent, one rep from a specific MLM, etc. Does Soul Sister Networking do the same?

No. Our core principles are built on relationships not retail. We network to encourage, educate, and empower each other for personal and professional growth and giving to our community. We believe by operating from a biblical foundation not the mindset of scarcity our businesses will organically grow and be blessed abundantly.

Is Soul Sister Networking for me even if I donʼt fully know what God is calling me to do?

YES! We know the single strongest indicator of what God wants you to do is rooted in your awareness of what needs to get done to make the world more like what God intends. Frederick Buechner puts it like this: “The place God calls you to is where your deep gladness and the worldʼs deep hunger meet.” Our goal is to help you discover and cultivate your specific seeds of significance.

What makes Soul Sister Networking different?

Simply put, the most significant difference in SSN is the difference we make in the lives we touch. Our business model is built on relationships not retail. We activate our faith and our rewards are eternal. Our value is in the community we build with you and for you. Our passion is people and positively impacting your business. Our success is when we empower others to take our place.

So what exactly does Soul Sister Networking offer?

Structured meetings, webinars, mentoring one on ones, service opportunities and social events. In the near future we will be launching nationwide chapters, annual conferences, leaders retreats, and what ever else God calls us to do for you!

I donʼt live close to where one of the chapters meet, can I still participate?

YES! Soul Sister Networking offers both “live” in person and leverages technology for remote opportunities to participate in meetings, webinars, etc. Frequently check our calendar for dates and our membership page for details.

What can I expect at a meeting?

When you attend a Soul Sister Networking meeting you can expect excellence. Beginning with a well planned agenda with interesting and useful information and ending in small group like mastermind breakouts. These structured breakouts are where we intimately discuss the application of the topic, add real world experiences and pray for each other. Our quality check is that the application of our topic always transfer to all aspects of life.

What can I expect from webinars?

When you attend a Soul Sister Networking webinar you can expect value. Beginning with professionally developed training with interesting and useful information that include real world experiences and ending in corporate prayer for your business, we add value to your bottom line. As an added bonus, a limited number can participant in the after party mastermind (MAPs). MAPs provides a small group atmosphere to discuss the application of the topic specifically mapped to YOUR industry.

Do I need to become a member to attend a meeting or sign up for a webinar?

No. Obviously we would love if you join our tribe, but itʼs not required. (Weʼve worked hard to reward those who do make the investment, though) Iʼm in! How do I become a member? Check out our membership page for details.

We need Soul Sister Networking in my area. Are there plans to expand?

Yes! God has given us a vision beyond anything we could ever dream. And while that vision includes launching chapters across the US, annual conferences, leaders retreats, and what ever else God calls us to do, we will trust in Godʼs timing and His divine strategies to do so. Iʼm in!

How do I become a leader?

Check out our Leaders page (coming soon).

What opportunities are there to serve?

Check out our Service Projects page.

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