Intentionally adding value requires intentional living; and that requires a counter-cultural mindset. God gave us one critically important purpose to do every day – add value to others without expecting anything in return. That was the focus of our May Soul Sister Networking Event, “Intentionally Adding Value”.

We were humbled and blessed to have Ellie Goldstein share her wisdom on this topic. Ellie is first and foremost a daughter of the King. She is also a military wife, and mom of two young girls. Her passion in life is sparking confidence and passion in women, and helping them to KNOW how deeply loved and valued they are. She is a leader within her direct sales small business, and loves pouring into her team.

Here are a few highlights from her exceptional and motivating talk.

You never know when you’re going to impact others, even with small gestures. A smile, or ‘hello’ goes a long way to helping someone feel valued. This is your chance to pour into others!

Ellie lives this by choosing five people each day to impact in a positive way. Some of her suggestions are:

  1. Pray for people – and let them know your are praying for them and why.
  2. Perform acts of kindness for friends, family, and strangers.
  3. Send a card.
  4. Like and comment on their social media post to congratulate them on milestones they talk about.
  5. Spend time with them – call or meet face to face.

She reminded us that we’re all busy, forgetful, and selfish so we need to make this intentional. She puts this on her calendar as a reminder each day. That’s how important it is to her.

If you’re a member of Soul Sister Networking, you can watch her entire presentation in the Soul Sister Inner Circle!

How to Add Value Mastermind Session

Our small group Mastermind Sessions continue to be a huge hit! For our Value topic, we went over the four ways to add value to others, according to John Maxwell’s Law of Identity:

  1. Value People
  2. Know and Relate
  3. Value Yourself
  4. Do Things God Values

In our group discussions we went deep into times we did, or didn’t, exemplify these; and what we can do going forward to intentionally add value.

We think this quote from attendee Colleen Sullivan, sums it up perfectly,

Absolutely adored the sense of community, ability to openly share and how the topic related to helping others while also helping yourself be a better person”

Spreading Value

We’re about practicing what we preach. We asked attendees to bring Mother’s Day cards that we all signed to be given to women in local transitional housing who are going through difficult times. We wanted them to know that they are loved and valued!

And, co-founder, Sherry Gilley, created these beautiful bouquets of seed packets. We encouraged each person to take one home with them and write the word ‘Intentional’ on it to remind them to spread value each and every day.

Join Our Tribe!

Together we will master the skills to increase our impact, influence and income–all for God’s Kingdom. We are Purposefully Driven Entrepreneurs, Doing Business God’s Way.

If you are a member of the Soul Sister Networking Inner Circle, you have access to Ellie Goldstein’s amazing talk in our Inner Circle Facebook Group. Want to learn more about our Soul Sister Networking Inner Circle Membership? Check out Our Community Page.

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