Service to others is such a huge part of Soul Sister Networking’s purpose that one of the first things we did was bring on a Service Project Coordinator, Lindsay Walters. One of our core beliefs is that we exist to serve and add value to others in life, as well as business.

The first Service Project that Lindsay lined up was volunteering with Fauquier FISH. FISH stands for “For Immediate Sympathetic Help”, and they live this motto, providing food to individuals and families in need. Those who sign up and are approved to use FISH’s services get groceries, toiletry items, and pet food according to their family size.

What we really loved about FISH is that they’re not just a food pantry, they also put together meal kits so people can easily make healthy and nutritious meals for their families. In addition to milk, eggs, and meats, they include other fresh ingredients like ginger, onions, and potatoes. We’ve never experienced a food pantry like this before!

Our Experience at FISH

We chose four dates so each Soul Sister Networking co-founder, as well as Lindsay, would get a chance to lead a group of volunteers. While there, we created  meal kits and packaged groceries for those who came in. Each family is allotted a certain number of items based on family size. After they filled out a form noting what meal kits and other items they would like, we packaged them in grocery bags and put them in a cart for them to take to their cars.

Some of us had never been to a food pantry or worked in one, while some of us have volunteered at other food pantries. We had a range of emotions from nervous to excited. However we each felt when we started our time there, we all ended up with hearts full of joy!

FISH plays such an important part in the Fauquier County community because many people make too much for government assistance (even working two or three jobs), but not enough to stretch their dollars between pay days.

We met people in a variety of situations and of all ages, races, sex. It opened our eyes to what others are going through that might not be visible on the outside.

One person that Kristy connected with named other places she regularly volunteers. She was grateful for the help she received and wanted to do the same for others. God gives to us, and we also have to be in a mode of giving whether it’s financially, our time, or with our prayers.

As Kristy noted in her Facebook Live,

“There’s nothing like being on the front lines to help others with Christ in the center.”

Sherry and Cassidy Gilley

Thanks so much to those who joined us to help out:

Carla Valentino
Jen Miller (and her daughter)
Sherry’s daughter, Cassidy

This is definitely a place we will be back to volunteer again!

If you want to volunteer at the Fauquier FISH food pantry, or make a donation, reach out to them here: Fauquier FISH.


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