We are the most connected, technologically, than we have ever been in history; but sometimes it feels like we have never been more socially isolated. Even if we are part of a community, it does not mean we are connected.

Fear, fake friends, or false expectations are just a few reasons why. Or simply not knowing how to break barriers and build lasting relationships are the culprits. We were thrilled to have the amazing Suzanne Odum as our guest speaker on this important topic during our April Soul Sister Networking meeting.

Here is a summary of her exceptional and motivating talk.

We love that Suzanne opened up by telling us that God wants the best for us. We have the mind of Christ that people who aren’t tapped into the Holy Spirit just don’t. She dared us to dream big and go for it!

When it’s just us in the picture we can’t do anything. She reminded us that when God is at the center of our lives, everything has its place and everything is going to come in its time. Ask Him for ideas and to help you be creative.

Why is it so important to connect?

Suzanne pointed out three reasons why it’s so important to connect.

Sherry Gilley, Soul Sister Networking co-founder

1. We need people to give us different perspectives and shift our own way of thinking. Isolating ourselves limits our view and can cause us to measure ourselves against things that aren’t real. Many times what you’re seeing is someone putting their best forward without showing you the reality.

We can all learn from each other. What I know how to do, you may not and vice versa. We can all lift each other up when we offer our unique perspectives and ideas.

2. We become bigger people when we don’t see others’ dreams as competition, but as inspiration. We have to stop the comparison game and the scarcity mindset. Turn it around and think that you want others to do well because you can learn from them. Or they can give you wisdom from something they’ve already gone through.

When you’re insecure you compete, and when you’re secure you cheer people on. Have an “everyone wins mentality”.

3. We understand the difference between a clique and a tribe. Tribes are wrapped around a common goal. They’re in it together and have a “I got your back” camaraderie. People in cliques aren’t thinking about you or how they can support you. They’re wrapped around themselves and are insecure.

Suzanne finished by telling us to keep dreaming and keep believing. Don’t let anything stop you, even your own thoughts. We agree and hope that you take her excellent advice.

What keeps you from connecting?

Before we jumped into our Mastermind Breakout session, we asked attendees to share what had kept them from connecting. Here are a few answers that you may be able to relate to:

  1. Makes me feel vulnerable.
  2. I feel like I have to be/have/do [fill in the blank] before I can reach out or connect with someone.
  3. I’m not good at small talk and feel awkward trying to have conversations.
  4. I fear judgement or rejection.

Kristy Dunaway, Soul Sister Networking co-founder


At each in person event, we set aside 30 minutes for our Mastermind Breakout to dive deeper into the topic for the month. To coincide with April’s theme of “Community to Connection”, cofounder Kristy Dunaway, showed us all how to FORM to make deeper connections.

FORM is an acronym for Family, Occupation, Recreation, and Mission/Message/Motivation. We paired up and learned about each other in a more meaningful way by asking questions around the FORM areas.

People found that they had hobbies in common, that they grew up near each other, and that they had similar missions in life.

More than one person told us that they learned more about their FORM partner in 10 minutes than they had about those they see at regular networking meetings. That’s the power of having conversations that build real relationships rather than stay on the surface.

Join our Tribe!

Together we will master the skills to increase our impact, influence and income–all for God’s Kingdom. We are Purposefully Driven Entrepreneurs, Doing Business God’s Way.

If you are a member of the Soul Sister Networking Inner Circle, you have access to Suzanne Odum’s amazing talk in our members-only Facebook Group. Want to learn more about our Soul Sister Networking Inner Circle Membership? Check out Our Community Page.

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