Questions are super important in sales. Getting to know you questions, clarifying questions, thought provoking questions, and the compelling questions that move your sales conversation along. What’s so interesting is how many people tell me that they are afraid to ask that final, most critical question – ‘would you like to work with me?’

Some people are really good at establishing rapport and building relationships. They’re really good at getting to know people and discovering what makes them tick. They ask a lot of really good questions, and they listen well (also critical to the process). But when it comes to asking for the business, they suddenly feel uncomfortable and they can’t quite make themselves do it.

And for some reason, women struggle with this even more than men. It’s that imposter syndrome. Yes, many of us may undervalue what we have to sell and never actually believe that someone would want to buy from us, but we still need to sell our product or service if we want to have a business.

So how do you ask for a sale?

There are so many ways! Which is good, because you want to have a way of asking that is all your own; one that feels good to you. And this is one case where a closed question is not just recommended, but required.

The Fastest Way to More Sales

  • Will that be going home with you today?

  • How much can you contribute?

  • Shall I add this to your cart?

  • Are you ready to sign up today?

  • Would you like a brow brush (substitute any add-on you like) with that brow pencil?

Other Ways to Ask for the Sale

If you’re still feeling anxious about asking for the sale, here are some softer ways to do that.

  • What needs to happen in order for us to work together?

  • Who needs to be involved in making this decision?

  • Is there anything preventing you from purchasing?

  • How can we get this [insert your product or service] installed?

  • What do you think about using [insert your product or service]?

And don’t forget, your prospect is expecting you to ask. In fact, they may be surprised if you don’t. After all, they’ve expressed some interest in your product or service, you’ve both invested time in getting to know each other and you’ve found a solution to their pressing problem. It would be strange if you didn’t ask for the sale!

So how do you increase sales and win more business? You ask.

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About Kim Fredrich

Kim helps customer facing ‘non-sales’ staff get comfortable with sales and realize the importance of their role in business success. Her one-on-one sales coaching, consultancy and workshops focus on building relationships and having conversations with purpose. She has recently presented at The Power Conference, NAWBO, the Freelance Union and the Women in Business Leadership Council. She has also conducted workshops for Howard University’s In3 Incubator, Hera Hub and the Maryland Women’s Business Center.

Kim began selling with her first job in food services, branched into marketing, and came back to sales because it was a bigger challenge and much more interesting. She has trained with some of the most respected business brand names over her career, achieving a training commendation from Xerox. Over the past 20 years she’s delivered sales and marketing services to select clients across the globe, in B2C, B2B and nonprofit industries. 703-822-1928

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