This week we have a special guest post by Ingrid Gonzalez, owner of Business Coaching Studio. I asked her to share her expertise on marketing because if we aren’t getting the “marketing” part right, there’s no one to follow up with!

Every business takes for granted that it needs to market, but why? The ‘why’ is critical. You need to identify what you hope to achieve through your marketing because this will guide your efforts and help you choose which tactics are most appropriate. A business has three types of marketing goals.

1. Gain new customers

The objective is to get a person to make their first purchase from you. To do this, you need people to tell others about you. You need to get the message to them about your offering and its benefits.

If you can spread awareness of the unique value you offer, this will result in more first-time purchases. Your tactics should include everything from gaining more exposure to moving customers through your sales funnel toward that first purchase.

2. Keep current customers

Your purpose may be to maintain the same purchase amount and frequency. If this objective is met, you’ll gain revenue as you gain new customers.

To achieve this goal, you might encourage increased use of your products or develop new product lines that current customers can use.

3. Get customers to buy more

The tactics are like the last type (keeping customers buying) but the objective would be to increase purchase amount and frequency.

Marketing goals are set the same way as your other goals and you achieve them one at a time. Don’t forget to keep them simple, focused, and clear!

What are your current marketing goals?

About Ingrid Gonzalez

Ingrid Gonzalez, owner of Business Coaching Studio, is a Business Strategist that helps entrepreneurs organize their ideas and plans to successfully launch, market, and grow a business that supports their lifestyle. Ingrid has a passion for business and watching entrepreneurs succeed and has a talent for taking complex ideas and creating actionable steps. When she’s not coaching, she teaches Business and Spanish courses at her local community college. When she’s not teaching or coaching, she’s on active family duty, enjoying nature through the lens of my camera, and connecting with her inner-self by practicing Yoga.

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