Follow up as soon as possible after a networking event, introduction from someone else, or someone contacting you for more information about your business and what you offer.

Ideally you should follow up within 24 hours. However, if you look at these stats from Hubspot, it’s evident that even sooner can land you a new client or bring in a sale.

  • If you follow up with web leads within 5 minutes, you’re 9 times more likely to convert them.

  • Research shows that 35-50% of sales go to the vendor that responds first.

Stay Top of Mind

Not that I need to remind you, but people are busy! They have their own businesses to run, kids to ferry around, errands to check off. Following up as soon as possible keeps everything fresh for you and the other person before the other parts of their life push it to the side. When you reference the conversation, you want it to be top of mind easy for them to remember why they wanted to talk to you further.

But I don’t have time

Usually when I tell people the 24 hour or less rule for following up, I hear something like they don’t have time to follow up that soon. Or they don’t want to look too needy.

My answer for the first one is that sending a follow up email takes 5 minutes or less, especially if you’re using a pre-done template, because you have all of the information you need either from the conversation or their request for information email or call.

You don’t need more than a few sentences to say “It was great meeting you and learning more about your business. As discussed, let’s set up a one to one meeting to see how we can help each other.”

Or “thank you for your interest in my product or service. Here’s the answer to your question (or let’s set up a call to discuss this further.)”

My answer to the second comment about looking too needy is that people want to be helped when they’re looking for help. If you wait to long to respond, they may move on to someone who is more readily available. You want to be the answer at the moment they’re looking for the solution.

Need more help with your follow up?

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